"KESI is an organization committed to developing, mentoring, promoting education & nurturing youth's talent through sports."

Kericho Education & Sports Initiative (KESI)


Kericho Education & Sports Initiative (KESI) is a County-subsidized & non-profit-making community organization committed to developing, mentoring, promoting education and nurturing youth’s talent through sports. The objectives of KESI to Kericho county youths are; to Mentor, Nurture, seek scholarship, and partner with Kericho county governor’s office in-solving problems facing our youths. Viability of this project depends on governor’s office for the space (An office and Computers) from where the land-mark will be established and called “KESI office” and this is where every day’s activities will be carried out from.Kericho County youths deserve guiding and coaching in order for them to realize their talents through education and sports. Therefore, KESI volunteered the infrastructure and environment for our youths that they may explore wide and beyond as they realize their dream through self-improvement.

Our core objectives

Holistic Development

Holistic development refers to human development that is meant to involve all the parts of a person. This is development designed to accommodate physical development, mental growth, emotional development and social development.


K.E.S.I. seeks to help develop responsibility, positive growth and inspire a winning attitude among young Kenyan students through Mentorsip. Through the provision of inspiring and empoweiring information as well as opportunities for the rewarding of diligence and excellent attitudes we seek to raise an army of focused and motivated youth.

Promoting Education

As noted by Mareys (An academic scholar) 640,000 young Kenyan men and women are churned out as “failures” every year through the 8-4-4 system. Out of 320,000 students who graduate from high school only 60,000 students join collage. This is a systemic problem affecting the entire country. KESI comes in as a partner along with the other existing solution developers in mitigating this problem.

Nurturing Youth Talent

Kenya is the world leading runner’s hub, however history has proven that this pool of talent has hardly been recognized: famous athletes like Kipchoge Keino, Ben Jipcho did it the hard way. K.E.S.I. will make things easier for these local stars. There are still thousands of undiscovered athletic stars in Kenya and K.E.S.I. will help them realize their dream.

Pursuing Academic Scholarship

Many American colleges and universities are always willing and looking to offer competitive athletic scholarships for students who meet the athletic and academic requirements, however, many young people in Kericho County and Kenya at large do not have the right information on how to go about it. K.E.S.I. intends to solve this permanently.

Solving Youth Problems

Dropping out of school, gangs, drugs, violence, bullying, poor relationship choices, poverty... are issues that affect the youth globally. K.E.S.I. will engage the youth with creative and relevant solutions and alternatives in order to help them secure positive growth and stable development as well as eliminate problematic cycles. We look forward to inspire the youth and develop in them an inner acountability for the choices.

Are you an Kenyan athletic student ?

Do you have proven high athletic scores ? Do you also have great academic results ? We might be able to help.